Original Plays
Mrs. Murphy's Porch

Where does a child retreat when their reality falls apart?  Penny is a precocious child, who, much to the dismay of her parents, has experienced a loss.  To deal with that which she cannot comprehend, she sets out on imaginary quests with, Henry, her trusty sidekick (who she usually makes all the girl parts) and Mrs. Murphy, the neighborhood matriarch.  Together they explore magical lands: Egypt, Never land, the Wild West, Renaissance and Medieval Times.  All the while, the world around them grieves and waits for Penny to accept her greatest challenge and find hope.  A work filled with magical realism.

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Listen to Me
Loosely based on a real-life event, two Christian, homeschooled lovers commit a despicable crime, shattering their own lives, their families’ and the security of their small town.  A piece which challenges us to evaluate how actively we listen to our children and what part faith plays in the way they see our modern world.

Broken Thread
What do you do when the person you love the most simply vanishes?  It was supposed to be a quick errand, but now six-year-old, Sara Callahan is missing.
John Callahan is a successful Defense Attorney, who is willing to sell his soul for a profit.  When his wife, Kelly discovers his infidelity, she gives him an ultimatum: end his affair or be disgraced by a messy divorce in a conservative, unforgiving community.  To display his commitment in making things work, John takes his daughter, Sara with him to the mall to spend “quality time” and break up with his mistress in a public place.  When John takes his eyes off of his daughter, Sara disappears.  A large-scale search ensues, as the FBI brings in their top investigator, Special Agent Steve Mercer.  It is his job to weed through the evidence and question those closest to Sara:  John and Kelly Callahan, as well as their devoted, friend Sam Baker. 
Mercer becomes suspicious of Sam Baker when he witnesses the closeness of his and Kelly’s relationship.  Convinced that there is more to the story he watches as the constant pressure of the media and the ticking clock begin to unravel their tight cocoon of lies and betrayal.  As the world searches for Sara, those left behind begin to turn inward looking for someone to blame. Experience the show that the Chicago FBI called, “profoundly moving and real to life.”

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A play about surrendering our greatest pain only to find the deepest forgiveness. "To forgive is to set a prisoner free, only to realize the prisoner was you."
The story of courage and acceptance, set in Roslyn WA, at the turn of the century.  When the white miners go on strike, they are replaced by freed slaves from the South.  Told through the eyes of immigrants and African Americans, it is a tale of  westward expansion and the opening of hearts and minds.