What do you do when the person you love the most simply vanishes?  It was supposed to be a quick errand, but now six-year-old, Sara Callahan is missing.
John Callahan is a successful Defense Attorney, who is willing to sell his soul for a profit.  When his wife, Kelly discovers his infidelity, she gives him an ultimatum: end his affair or be disgraced by a messy divorce in a conservative, unforgiving community.  To display his commitment in making things work, John takes his daughter, Sara with him to the mall to spend “quality time” and break up with his mistress in a public place.  When John takes his eyes off of his daughter, Sara disappears.  A large-scale search ensues, as the FBI brings in their top investigator, Special Agent Steve Mercer.  It is his job to weed through the evidence and question those closest to Sara:  John and Kelly Callahan, as well as their devoted, friend Sam Baker. 
Mercer becomes suspicious of Sam Baker when he witnesses the closeness of his and Kelly’s relationship.  Convinced that there is more to the story he watches as the constant pressure of the media and the ticking clock begin to unravel their tight cocoon of lies and betrayal.  As the world searches for Sara, those left behind begin to turn inward looking for someone to blame.

Experience the show that the Chicago FBI called, “profoundly moving and real to life.”

Urban Theater Company World Premiere
Broken Thread
Chicago, IL
Audience Testimonial
May, 2009
Mrs. Murphy's Porch
University of Akron
Akron, OH

Award Winner of the University of Akron Theater Guild Playwriting Competition, 2010