The Disappeared
a play by Wysteria Edwards
based on the novel by Gloria Whelan
Despite its peaceful façade in the late 1970’s, Argentina is rife with guerrilla warfare and run by malevolent generals.

As a visible political activist, Eduardo, is impatient and intolerant of his father's inaction to protest against the vengeful General Lopez. Only when imprisoned does he learn the dangers of what it means to be one of Los Desparecidos. Silvia, his beautiful younger sister, does everything in her power to free him. Strategically, she sets herself up as bait for the son of General Lopez, believing that she can win him over and secure her brother's release.

A memory play set in Buenos Aires during Argentina’s dirty wars, the compelling tale is told in alternating perspectives by two teenage siblings who must examine the loyalties between family and political beliefs.

The Disappeared is a chilling account of the manipulative power of corruption.

"This is a big play, with two central characters but with a strong supporting cast, all of whom are well drawn. The author handled well the interdependence of all the characters, drawing an ever-tighter web in which each character’s decisions and fate impacted clearly and often with terrible consequences on the others’.... This is a big old fashioned play in the best sense... I found it gripping and moving."
Review from Ice and Fire Theatre, UK

"Wystie, You have made it so much more dramatic, tightening plot and pointing up the crucial elements.  Well done!"

Gloria Whelan, author of the novel, THE DISAPPEARED

"Disappeared is sure to mature into a successful play depicting with a great sense of drama the socio/political injustices in Argentinean history. Edwards writes with poetic power as she portrays a family ravaged by a chilling abduction and the extreme lengths at which it will go to save its own. Her painting of words draws us in and gives us a portrait of Edwardian style that is captivation. "
Chris Bensinger, Broadway Producer, American Idiot and La Cage aux Folles

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"It’s so important to not be blind to each other’s suffering; or to deny and forget the past where evil damaged so many and so much.  This wonderful play gives a voice to those who can no longer tell their story-a light of information to so many who simply ignore the facts.  It amazes me how much the human spirit can be violated/harmed and yet remain its core.  I’m glad the story of so many brave and hopeful people is being told and coming to light.  God Bless all the innocents and their survivors."
Eric Robledo, NY Actor

NYC Reading held on June 7, 2010, casting by Greg Curtis and Directed by Paul Stancato.  To join the page for this production, please visit our FACEBOOK page.

The Disappeared, awarded"Honorable Mention" from  Synchronicity Performance Group, 2010 SHE Writes Competition, Atlanta, GA in affiliation with the LARK Play Development Center, NYC.
This engaging play tells a very suspenseful story.  It raises important moral questions about rebel violence and the use of violence to achieve peace.  The dialogue features an intriguing combination of the restrained and the poetic.
The Goodman Theatre, Chicago, IL